Petit Fours

Scalability and integration

As part of the company’s growth strategy, SAP Business ONE was the tool that allowed them both the necessary scalability and the possibility of integration with other platforms.

Petit Fours, an Argentine company with +22 years of experience, manufactures packaged food products in single servings. It has 3 food production plants and 60 employees.


• Petit Fours performed its operations and supply planning manually. This time-consuming process restrained them from having a traceable view of the processes.
• The company was undergoing an expansion process, so they required an ERP system that would allow them to automate and standardize processes to gain control.



SAP Business ONE was implemented, as it is a robust system that enables solid and orderly growth.

ITPS ONE provided effective support with precise initial configuration diagrams to achieve an agile implementation.


The most complete platform for your business to grow.

SAP Business ONE

allowed for safe and controlled organization of all internal process within the company.  

Thanks to the new orderly structured system

improvements began to appear in inventory monitoring, bank transfers, and production dispatch, highly valued when conducting audits and internal checks.


(Material Requirements Planning) system was implemented for the projection of materials needed for production. This prevented delays and urgency due to lack of supplies.

SAP Business ONE

The most complete platform for your business to grow.

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SAP AMS Support

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