Support in critical moments 

We provide the company with the perfect candidates at the best cost and in a preferential way to help it overcome bad times without resigning its operations.

It is one of the most important private mail and logistics service companies in Argentina. With a wide customer service network of 155 branches, more than 1,000 OCA points and Logistics Centers strategically distributed throughout the country to meet the needs of the market.


  • Providing specialists in .NET at a preferential and constant rate
  • Avoid turnover by ensuring candidates remain in the company for over 3 years
  • Offer the best rates without compromising the quality of the service provided
  • Today we assist the company with maintaining its core and satellite systems.

Talent Services

Our extensive experience in hiring's regulatory requirements in Latin America makes us strategic partners to strengthen work teams in the region.


Software Development

We create custom software solutions for your company.


We find the talent that fits each company's cultural and technological needs.