Successful adoption

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology is flexible, scalable, and adaptable to any business sector, achieving excellent results.

Extendeal is a healthtech vertical SaaS that enables intelligent purchases for the pharmaceutical industry, having become the unique platform for the daily replenishment of pharmacies.


· Solving customer purchase orders on the Femsa electronic platform

· Fostering potential customer loyalty.

· Automating the interaction between platforms to reduce transaction time to seconds.

· Creating reports and transaction dashboards.

· Accessing a self-management portal for the tool.

· Robotizing the process end-to-end to eliminate human errors.


Development of RPA bots in SaaS mode.

OpenSource technology and infrastructure were used to reduce platform development costs.

Development and implementation time: 3 months. 

Continuous improvement and adaptations. 


We create intelligent RPA solutions for your company.

Increased attention span

By using RPA technologies, an environment of process automation was created, allowing up to 25 simultaneous orders to be processed.

Reduced waiting time

In the first 3 months of the system's production deployment, response time increased by 175%.

Better UX

More automated services and greater customer access to platform benefits.


It allowed for precise statistics on the purchase circuit and tracking of the best-selling products, as well as analyzing the average delivery time.

Intelligent Automation

We create intelligent RPA solutions for your company. 

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